Posted by Louisa Horne
Just over half of the year has gone by already and 2020 is here!  Do you have a 2020 vision for your club?  How is your club moving the needle?  What goals did you set this year?  How can your district help you cross a few off the list? The good news is that there is still time.
Here are a few ideas to prompt some future visioning.  Once you decide what needle you want to move, your district has a team of talented volunteers who can help you.  How, you ask?  You could request a “traditional” visit with a presentation on a topic of your choice… or Louisa’s choice!  Or you could request something else that will have you move your club’s needle such as…
  • A program on public image, remote or in person, to help you leverage social media or learn how to use People of Action tools
  • A remote or in person program on Rotary Membership Trends, the State of Rotary, the Foundation, Polio, ClubRunner, Rotary Brand Centre
  • Help with your first international project – find a partner, start working on your first grant
  • Help with a new youth initiative – your first short term exchange perhaps or a remote program on the Adventures opportunities
  • Facilitation assistance for strategic planning
  • A presentation to a local Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade or some other group with which you’d like to establish a partnership
  • Exploratory meetings/discussion with potential partners
  • Certificates for special occasions or recognition of Rotarians
  • Resources to support membership initiatives
  • Charter/Anniversary Event presentation
  • New member Orientation support
  • Specific support for various roles within a club – e.g., Secretary or Treasurer coaching
  • Anything else your club might be seeking help with!
We also have a few challenges for you as well:
  • Data updates – ensure member and club data in ClubRunner and MyRotary are up to date
  • Membership – Look in the mirror and at every moment of truth to help your club to be more irresistible (do think before you jump to “recruiting”)
  • Growth – Enhance member experience to promote irresistibility and/or start new clubs (especially Satellite/Passport clubs)
  • Fees – District will subsidize/waive district fees for those under 35 who join this Rotary year and the challenge is for clubs to do some special things to attract younger members and waive their club fees too!  One year only.
  • 5% Polio contribution increase (requested by our Zone) – all clubs that gave at least $100 last year, and who increase by at least 5% this year, will be entered in a contest to win a dinner for their club prepared by District leadership.  The club with the greatest % increase will also receive a dinner – 2 dinners on the line.
  • Consider new youth program involvement
  • Public Image Puppies!  Train them by visiting projects in the community (as far back as possible) and take photos of the puppy at them – and maybe with symbols or photos from international projects – and submit to us to show them all – and form an archive for each club’s site.  Send a paragraph explaining how club would use up to $500 for a Public Image project (new banner, updated signage, parade stuff…).  April 1 is the next deadline for submissions.
  • Rotary Citation – not mandatory, but many clubs achieve the required tasks by regular club activity. The citation is not too hard this year.  It would be great to see more clubs aim to achieve it!
  • We are also hoping that clubs will look for ways to integrate attention to environmental issues into our work – we don’t have a specific initiative but would be happy to collaborate with you on any ideas you have!
Let’s make 2020 a year for great vision.  Questions?  Requests?  Let Louisa know –