Posted by Gary Ball

The Rotary Club of Waterford Valley has a history of providing exemplary service in the community since the day of receiving its charter from Rotary International, in June of 1977.

To list the number of members and their individual accomplishments from being chartered to present would require pages of tributes to those who made possible the many programs both past and present.

After forty four years the dream of our founding members is alive and well, their vision for our communities and the environment both locally and internationally is still thriving.

Accomplishments of the Rotary Club of Waterford Valley are far reaching and have given hope to those who needed it the most.

Support for the following major projects :

Chevrolet Van for the Rehab Center  
          $ 25,000.00   Dialysis Machine for the Health Science Center
          $ 15,000.00   Infant Respirator for The Grace General Hospital
          $   5,000.00   Parkinson’s Audio Speech Equipment
          $    2,000.00  Orphanage in Thailand
          $    1,000.00 Montenegro  Hospital Brazil
          $    5,000.00  Matthew 25 project school in Kenya
Joint Sponsorship project’s include:
  • Adventure Citizenship, job entry development O’Donel High School in Ottawa resulting in a $ 165,500.00 Grant allocation.
  • Brain machine for the Health Science  $ 105.000.00  
  • W.O.R.C. Grant for the Mentally Handicap $300,000.00
  • Our primary project the Revitalization of the Waterford River has given us the opportunity to work with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments. Twenty five thousand trees have been planted, hundreds of kid ‘s employed made possible through a combined investment of almost one million dollars. Our commitment continues to be Stewards of the beautiful Waterford River
We are community conscious and always aware of what is happening in our community.,
In 2020 we will be focusing on the needs of families and especially children exposed to toxic stress and its effects on parents and children. We will work with the CMHA through the new year.
Club members provide a Christmas float for the Boy Scouts, Clean up’s from the St. John’s Small Boat Basin to Donovan’s Industrial Park in cooperation with NAACAP, volunteer at festivals , support the Vera Perlin, Community food sharing, CMHA, Diabetes for a day, Organ Transplant, RNC, Blood Bank and a needy Christmas family. There are and always will be individual needs for us to consider. Our Annual Car Show in Bowring Park is presently our main source of revenue and has been a complete success.
Once upon a dream has become our club’s reality thanks to our members and their commitment to the principles of Rotary.
I can only hope that in preparing this summary of the club's history we can look back and build upon the many accomplishments made by members over the last forty four years.