DG Notes- December 2020
 The Covid-19 vaccine has arrived in Canada and better days should follow..
    Our District Board met on Sunday evening and it was unanimously decided, after receiving a recommendation from our Finance Committee to wave the District dues for the second half of the Rotary year. This will mean a saving of $30 per Rotarian. If clubs have already received their club dues payments for the year, then they may have funds that they can use in other ways if their club members wish. In this difficult year your dues are better spent by your clubs than by the District.
     On December 5, a very successful TLC on Fund-Raising, chaired by of our District Trainor, Alana Hirtle, was held. We had a  great turn out with lots of innovative ideas and discussion. This session was recorded, if anyone would like to view it.
     Our District Systemic Racism task force has put the finishing touches on a number of documents that will be released early in the new year to clubs and members. Members of the Task Force are continuing their work on another major project which will involve a speaker series which will be starting up in February.
Many thanks to the tireless work of this committee who have been meeting regularly and contributing to the task force since July. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of the time and work put in by Rachel Clarke. Rachel has stepped down from her Rotary duties, hope fully temporarily and we will miss her.
     I have had the pleasure of viewing a 25 minute presentation from a Rotary club meeting that was held recently in California. Our International Director, Valerie Wafer has mentioned that this presentation might be valuable to show at a club meeting or viewed individually. Valerie stated:
The video was produced by The Global Impact Group (TGIG.org) and is a result of discussions and ideas that emerged from The Rotary Pandemic Response Task Force (Chaired by Past RI Director Jeffry Caddorette). Jim Marggraff, who you will see in the video, is a founding member of TGIG, a Rotarian in the Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary Club, and one of the 9-member global Rotary Pandemic Response Task Force.The video was filmed at one of his club's meetings.   

The video kicks off with a live, Virtual/In-Person (V/IP) meeting of Jim's Rotary club showing how and why you can easily host V/IP meetings to keep your club connected and healthy now and in the future! The club meeting then features world-renowned speakers Zooming in, across space and time for an extraordinary discussion!

I encourage you to have your Club Presidents show this video as one of their club's programs and invite community members and non-Rotarians.
The link is below:
    I would like to ask our clubs or Rotarians in the District to consider helping a former Rotary exchange student, Mauricio Quiroz from Venezuela who was not able to return to his country mainly due to Covid-19 concerns. Through his own initiatives and with the help of a number Rotary clubs in the District he has been attending University of Kings College.  It has been difficult monetarily for him and any contributions would be helpful in supporting his educational journey. Rotarians Kevin Connors of the Dartmouth East Rotary club or Brian Smith, Dartmouth Rotary, two of the sponsoring clubs would gladly give you more information on this exemplary student and accept any donation towards a bursary for Mauro. This would be a tax-deductible donation.
     I regretfully am announcing the resignation of our Chair of Youth Services, Michael Craig.
Michael has worked tirelessly over the past 4 plus years on all aspects of youth programs in the District and he will be missed. Thank you for your contributions and dedication.
The District has been informed by our President Holger Knaack that any youth exchanges will be on hold at least until the next Rotary year and to date, no direction has been given for future exchanges. The covd-19 pandemic may still be a worldwide problem for a while, but I will notify clubs if there are any changes in the student exchange situation.
      Currently we are asking any Rotarians who might be interested to contact myself or DGN Roger Sevigny if you would like to serve on a Youth Services Committee. This group will be working towards forming  a joint Youth Services Committee that would involve our neighbouring District 7810 and in 2022 eventually become the Youth Services Committee for our combined Districts (7815).  
  In closing I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday break as we take time, if possible, to be with family. Next year is looking more and more positive.
LIVE Rotary.
Best regards,
DG Ian