April showers bring May tulips. It’s great to see photos of our Polio tulips blooming around the District. The bulbs that I planted last fall have all opened up in my back yard and I’m looking forward to getting some more bulbs to support the End Polio Tulip   Campaign which will be starting up again in June.  Get them early. They sold out quickly last year.
   Our Annual General Meeting will be held virtually this Thursday evening at 6:30. Please read the yearly reports to see what our Leadership Team and Committees have been doing this year. You can also find out what has been going on in the District and our plans for the future. The meeting will be open to questions but none of the reports will be given verbally. The year- end business of the District will be dealt with and appropriate votes by club designated voting delegates will be taking place. We will conclude our evening with the presentation of the “Heart of the District Award”. Hope to see as many as possible register and attend.
     We have had a very busy May with the highlight of the Month being our Joint Conference.
Thanks to Lorraine Ennis and her team for their work in guiding the Conference Committee in putting on a successful event.
As the year winds down, I hope to attend some meetings where True Rotarian awards are being presented and hear about what Clubs are hoping to do as we anticipate putting this pandemic behind us.
      We are  getting nearer to the end of this pandemic; more of us are getting vaccinated.  Please stay safe and be patient. We should have a special summer if we persevere.
See you in June,
Be kind and “Live Rotary”
DG Ian