Posted by Frieda Burger on Nov 29, 2018
Rotarians from around the world will gather in Hamburg, Germany for the Rotary International Convention, June 1st to 5th, 2019.  Will you be there too?  If you plan to attend, take advantage of the early booking price and register now for just $395.  Note: This price ends on Dec. 15th, so hurry to to sign up.
Barry Raskin, President, Rotary International writes:  "a Rotary convention is an unparalleled opportunity to find a world of inspiration in a single city. This year, Hamburg, Europe's "Gateway to the World", will be that single city -- and your gateway to the world of Rotary. Begin your days with general sessions that inspire you, as well as a wealth of breakout sessions for every interest and every ambition.  Then set out, with friends old and new, to explore this historic port city. You'll find classic and modern architecture, delicious multicultural cuisine, and a maze of canals waiting to be wandered.”  
He continues: “I'm excited to have you join me in Hamburg, Germany, for our 110th Rotary International Convention, 1-5 June 2019, at the Hamburg Messe.  Come for the inspiration, for the ideas, for the friendship and the fun -- and Capture the Moment forever."
Having visited Hamburg, I am pleased to say that I have always wanted to return to it. It is a friendly city with great transportation making it easy to get around. We took the double-decker bus tour around the city and discovered that 20% of the city is mandated as green space.  Touring the waterways in Hamburg was a pleasant adventure and a wonderful way to see the houses which are close to the shore.  Did you know that Hamburg created more living space for thousands of people by repurposing the land which had been old dock yards? 
Hamburg is Europe's 2nd largest city; nowhere else in the world will you find a city with 2500 bridges and a maze of canals!  Discover the unique blend of historical and contemporary culture that makes Hamburg such a distinctive place. We visited the Miniatur Wunderland where we saw many miniature scenes of many countries featuring thousands of tiny detailed figures. This is an ongoing project with over 800,000 hours of work already put into it.  It has the longest miniature railway in the world in a setting you will be amazed to see.   It is housed in its own building and covers several floors, so allow yourself time to enjoy all of it.
Old Elbe Tunnel or St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel which opened in 1911, is a pedestrian and vehicle tunnel in Hamburg, Germany, the first tunnel of its kind in Europe. The 426m long tunnel was a technical sensation; 24m beneath the surface, two 6m diameter tubes connect central Hamburg with the docks and shipyards on the south side of the river Elbe.
Another interesting fact: From 1850 to 1934 alone, more than 5 million people emigrated to the New World via the Port of Hamburg. Learn more about the reasons why the emigrants left their homeland and how they experienced the ship passage to the New World at the BallinStadt Emigration Museum.
Unforgettable moments are made at Rotary Conventions and I hope to “capture” them with you in Hamburg! Encourage your fellow Rotarians to take in an International Convention too, it will be an experience they will remember for years.