Posted by Doug McMillan on Oct 30, 2018
This request was sent to me by Father Louis Atwine of the Rotary Club of Bushenyi in Uganda. Bushenyi was one of the Districts which participated in the Health Child Uganda project out of neighbouring Mbarara University of Science and Technology. I have attended meetings and spoken at the Rotary Club of Bushenyi as well as helping their health care system to get a rainwater collection system and a generator through Rotary. While there are some Rotary Clubs in District 7820 participating in the planned global grant for Kangaroo Mother Care in Mbarara, during my visit in July, Father Atwine indicated that if there could be assistance in obtaining equipment for Bushenyi, that would be greatly appreciated.
I have converted the list into both US and Canadian dollars and wonder if there are District 7820 clubs who would like to help out with some of these needs? Please note that while costs are indicated for groups of items, a smaller number could be purchased. Although I do not have specific contents for all items, I will indicate the general nature and anticipated use:
Delivery set - Instruments for local anesthesia, sterile cutting of the cord, perhaps forceps (as required) and supplies
Dilation and Curettage set - e.g. for removal of retained placental products to decrease maternal bleeding (and infection)
Steriliser - small steam sterilization of equipment
Delivery Bed - to come apart for delivery
Baby Phototherapy machine - to reduce complications from newborn jaundice including deafness and other disability (putting babies in the sun is not safe)
Oxygen concentrators - there is usually no oxygen in tanks available. This is often the only supplemental oxygen source (electricity dependant although some research in alternate ways to concentrate oxygen is occurring)
Fridges - for medications (oxytocin is routinely given post delivery to decrease maternal bleeding).
I would be happy to answer any questions, as I am able and have already given several talks to Rotary Clubs near Halifax related to Helping Babies Survive (which is my main area of interest) and could do more depending on travel logistics. Alternatively, District 7820 Rotary Clubs could contact the Rotary Club of Bushenyi through President Nicholus (KAGURUSYA BYAMUKAMA NICHOLUS) with copies to Dr. Oyik Bruno and Father Louis Atwine