Posted by Gail Gosse on Aug 01, 2019

More and more, prospective members find us via the RI home page (they click on JOIN at the top right on Then the person provides personal data and history on the pop form. Your District Membership Chair receives an alert. With the work of your AG and Club Presidents we follow up to match the candidate with the club that seems to be the best fit (usually time and place of meetings). Assuming all goes well, the person is then vetted in the usual way.  There are no short-cuts here, just a way to cast a wider net for prospective members. 

Last year your District received 21 inquiries this way. We matched them with clubs. Some clubs deemed the candidate not suitable. Some candidates decided Rotary was not for them. Others are checking out a few clubs or are attending a club to learn more and have yet to decide. Some have joined up.

This link gives relocating members a way to get information on Rotary in their new community. Similarly, members who find their own Club’s time and place of meetings no longer works can gather information regarding other clubs for a transfer request. And of course, prospective members can find out about Rotary in their area.

Data Trends: Of the people in our District who clicked on JOIN, 87% heard about Rotary through a friend. That’s also the top way to reach people in Canada and even in the world.  Locally (and nationally) the second way to attract people is via a Rotary event, and the third is via media (social and newspaper top this chart)

Spread the word: Clubs might add the JOIN link to their web page, blog, Facebook, newsletters etc. to help prospective, relocating/transferring members find Rotary Clubs.