Posted by Louisa Horne on Nov 02, 2019
Calling All Rotarians who have Creative Landscape/Garden Talent ... A Contest just for you!  Being Green and Enhancing Rotary’s Public Image all at the same time!
The Challenge:  Design a street planter that is beautiful and that builds awareness of Rotary to anyone who admires it!
Your district has asked for input from you about adding goals to our strategic plan related to the environment. That request is in another article in this newsletter.  In the meantime, let's try a fun project to bring some green to our streets -- a "Rotarized Planter Design Contest" – an RPDC!!
Criteria for your design:
  • Easy to build and affordable wooden planter box
  • Durable - no lattice or little bits sticking up that could easily break off etc.
  • Suitable for a municipal street
  • Deep enough for herbs and edibles to grow in it
  • Possibly with two levels
  • Simple yet stunningly attractive
  • Incredibly creative “Rotarizing” to make it clear where the planter came from!
Submit a copy of your drawn design to by 31 December 2019 – along with a statement about what your club would do with $200 to apply to a Public Image initiative. The submission could be a hand drawing or a computer based drawing – or some other format – as long as the dimensions and design features are clear enough for a prototype to be built.
- The RPDC winner's club will receive a PI award of $200 to apply to a PI initiative.
- A prototype will be built and final plans shared with all clubs that may want to build a planter of edibles for their community. 
- Photo shows a “boring” one as an example of what we are NOT looking for ....but it may inspire creativity and some awesomely amazingly Rotarizing!