Posted by Patrick Lamey on Nov 30, 2017
The Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury enjoyed its annual visit to the Coady International Institute where we met several wonderful international students who spoke passionately about their causes and projects in their respective home countries.   They also spoke enthusiastically about the invaluable tools they were acquiring at Coady for peace and community economic development.   In attendance were the Coady students, Rotarians and guests (including DG Elect Rob Christie), Richmond Academy Interactors and St. FX University Rotaractors. 
In response to DG Don’s challenge to our Club (his P.I.P.E. Dream), we invited peace activist and community peace facilitator, Maureen St. Clair to be our guest speaker.  Her message was powerful and resonated strongly with all those in attendance.   A wonderful meal and a special moment was enjoyed by all.
Rachel MacFarlane, Fund Development Officer at the Coady International Institute wrote the Club afterwards saying;
I wanted to send along a quick thank you for spending time with us here at Coady last week! The participants, Marureen and I had a wonderful time! The Interacters shared with me that they all left feeling inspired to make positive change!