Posted by Brian Smith, Stella Roy
The Rotary International Foundation is moving to assist Clubs with potential responses to the current COVID-19 situation locally and around the world. Firstly, with District Grants: Districts are encouraged to designate funds for COVID-19 Response, and they have agreed to excuse the usual requirement of no expenditures prior to July 1. For COVID-19 Projects, the Foundation will allow expenses in 2020-21 District Grants that have been incurred since March 15, 2020. District Grants can be used to support local activities, like purchasing thermometers, protective medical gear, or other items to donate to medical professionals who need them. Our District Grants Chair, Brian Smith ( is available for any questions, and he notes that District 7820 Grant Applications are currently fewer than they were at this time last year...
Rotary also has its own program through the Rotary Disaster Response Fund, and they have invited each District to apply for one grant (up to $25,000) to address COVID-19. This Disaster Response Fund is relatively new, and Districts can contribute to it separately for general disaster response activities, in the same way that many Clubs have donated to Shelter Box for specific disasters.
Finally, Rotary has modified its Global Grants criteria to respond to opportunities to use these international grants in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation is waiving the 30 percent foreign financing requirement for any new global grants that address COVID-19. Contact Elva Heyge ( if you have any questions about Global Grants.
Trivia question - What Rotary International fund can be used for grants that address COVID-19?