Posted by Kristina Ennis
Facebook is an important vehicle to share great news about Rotary.  A key success factor is to encourage all of your club’s members to do a few things to leverage the opportunity:
  • Ensure that someone has responsibility for your social media – and likes to do that important service!
  • As an individual Rotarian, make sure to “Like” your club’s Facebook page
  • As an individual Rotarian, make sure to “Like” the district Facebook page
  • Ensure captions on photos are captivating and to the point, quick and easy to read as others are scrolling through their feeds
  • Post interesting images and stories about your activities – try to go beyond “grip and grin” handshaking photos where possible.  Find an “action” shot or do something fun to create an attractive photo (e.g., toss a puppy in) – crop every photo to focus on the key part.
  • Post images related to the groups you support – and groups that support you!  Thank sponsors and organizations you support – and always TAG them.  That is how the message spreads.  Post about and tag your speakers.
  • Like posts from your own club, other clubs and the district
  • Share posts from your own club, other clubs and the district
  • Try to post at least once a week to keep your site fresh.
  • Link Facebook to your website so the posts are updating your website too!
  • Review your club’s Facebook site and website regularly to ensure the information is fresh and accurate – e.g., theme updates, upcoming event listings
Consistent branding for Rotary is important.  We have been working on updating district pages and have been encouraging clubs to do the same.  The “new” logo is actually six years old already so that’s not very new… it has a solid colour wheel, and most importantly, wherever possible, it has a very obvious “ROTARY” beside it to help people know who is behind that wheel.  This update was one in a series of many changes over the years, designed to raise awareness of the good work that Rotary does.  We are almost fully compliant – we have a district logo with the solid colour wheel, and we have almost every club with a current logo on their Facebook site and website.  There are still a few with out of date logos or international themes but hopefully we will soon all be showing a consistent image.
If your club needs assistance with Public Image, your district can help – for example, virtual programs about social media are possible. 
Just let us know what would help you move the needle!
Trivia question – what is the difference between the “old” logo and the current one?