Posted by Louisa Horne on Jun 27, 2019
How is your puppy doing?  Does he or she have a name?  Has he or she been to any events and been seen on Facebook yet?  The Rotary Club of Stephenville recently voted on their puppy’s name and decided on Finny, after a recently retired, long-time member of their club.  Finny will be marching in the upcoming “Friendly Invasion” parade, along with Louisa and Beacon.  Stay tuned for pictures of that event! 
It seems that Sydney’s puppy (name unknown) might be a little bit naughty.  He was out looking for Rotary wheels and found Kevin Armstrong’s car and got a little confused… he might have had a little accident on one of its wheels… hope there is no rust. 
Harbourside’s puppy went to Hamburg and had some fun there at the International Convention.
So, a reminder – your puppy is meant to help you with Public Image activities and there is a contest that means your club could win up to $500 for your PI initiatives.  Step 1 is to train your puppy by visiting every project your club has been involved in and taking a photo of your pup with the project – or with a photo or symbol of an international project… check out June’s article for more details. Trivia Question: What is Team Leader Louisa's dog's name?