Posted by Miriam MacLeod

You may recall from earlier communications, the Rotary Foundation encouraged each District to release funds early to support projects that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of $20,050 was granted after the District Grants committee met on April 30th. The committee focused on supporting projects within our District that will support citizens in the communities where we live and serve.

Nine grants to nine different clubs in the district were approved. The theme that repeated most often was addressing food insecurity for vulnerable populations – seniors, children, the homeless, and rescue animals. There was a grant to purchase tablets for seniors, to enable social connection while staying home. The need to support purchasing non-medical masks was a clear need that arose from the pandemic. Rotarians fundraised, sewed masks and delivered the final product to grateful front-line workers.

We are “People of Action”; we have it in our DNA to have a sense of pride seeing money converted into doing good in our communities. Doesn’t it seem like magic? Club members who attended the District Grants training to be certified know how that magic wizard works behind the Foundation curtain. When Rotarians in District 7820 donate to the Rotary Foundation, half of that money comes back to the District three years later. We spend that money in ways that are meaningful and even transformative for the lives touched by these projects.

Do you and your club members donate to the Rotary Foundation through Annual Giving, Every Rotarian Every Year, bequests, or Paul Harris Fellowship donations? If you did, thank you for helping with the magic this Rotary year! If you didn’t, I encourage you to give to the Rotary Foundation. You have a clear picture of how your money will be used – and how “Rotary Connects the World”.