Posted by Ron Zwaagstra on Sep 27, 2017
Halifax Metro Rotary Clubs are welcoming about a dozen Boston Rotarians and guests during a the week of December 6th, the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.
DG Don Sword will be attending these events and you are also welcome. We are working on a registration method so we can gauge the numbers of people attending these events.
If you have questions, please contact Ron Zwaagstra
The itinerary of events is still a work in progress but here is what we have so far.
December 5th evening – Film and networking event: Halifax Explosion: The Deaf Experience. Location TBA.

December 6th
9:00 Commemoration at Needham Park. 
mid morning -  a brief meeting with Boston group and Halifax hosts looking at work in two cities and future projects
12:00 – Metro wide Rotary Meeting hosted by Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest at Cornwallis Baptist Church. We have guest speaker local historian Blair Beed and hope to have other guests from the Mi’kmaq and Black communities. $20 per person for what I hear is a fabulous lunch put on by the church. There are also plans to name a Paul Harris Fellow. Cost is $20.00
Afternoon – a visit to Pier 21 or Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This has been booked for 2:30PM
evening – TBA
December 7th
AM Homelessness and Hunger Symposium – St. Mark’s Anglican Church. Some ideas on the origins of social work concepts and help and relief guidelines and ideas that that began in 1917 in the aftermath of the explosion are being considered. We will then take a look at how our methods and tactics have changed if at all and what are today’s needs. This will be set up as a panel with reps from prominent agencies working in the areas of homelessness, food and shelter with Wendy Keen as moderator. The plan is to follow up with modest lunch. This is a very basic soup and roll or bread along the theme of what type of food would have been given as aid in 1917. St. Mark’s original building was destroyed in the explosion and the rebuild was completed in 1921. The church has a strong connection to north end Halifax, an area so profoundly affected by the explosion.
PM - Visit Halifax Hydrostone and have a coffee, lunch / early supper as guests require.