Posted by Don Sword on Dec 28, 2017
TLC- Winter/ Spring 2018
Building a Culture of Leadership – Leading the Change

Who should attend: All incoming & prospective Leaders of your Club including Executive, Directors and Committee Chairs.  The working sessions of the day are open to all members of the Clubs in each area and will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in developing their own leadership skills to attend.
What we hope to achieve from the day: Focused and targeted professional development and leadership training that will useful for you as a leader in your clubs and at work!
What you’ll learn: Deeper insight into the Club leadership roles if you are currently or an incoming leader, orientation to some critical leadership competencies and a number of key strategic tactics to help you support your club achieve.
What the day will look like:
  • Role and responsibility orientation/learning intensives for current and incoming Club leadership including presidents, treasurers, secretaries and committee chairs outlining critical tasks associated with the various roles, leading practice examples and key dates.
  • Targeted leadership competency workshops around strategic thinking, dynamic engagement and effective communication.
  • Building a Culture of Leadership for All Leaders – you will learn about what it means to build a Culture of Leadership in your club and how it can create the right conditions to support Club growth and vibrancy.
  • Call to Action workshop – where you will learn strategies and tactics how to be impactful change leaders.
  • Fun sessions that will build your knowledge around Rotary in general, our youth work and the Foundation.
February - NL West                                          March - SW NS NL West
February - NL East                                            April - Northern NS
March - PEI                                                        April - Cape Breton
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