Posted by Doug McMillan on Mar 27, 2019
For interest of District 7820, members of the Rotary Clubs of Halifax and Calgary helped set up these 4 clubs in Australia and New Zealand 98 years ago.
The Centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand is now on the horizon for 2021! The campaign is underway to Raise Awareness, Inspire Engagement and create a Call to Action. There have been many items in the “pipeline” over the past four years laying the foundations for a bigger program.  Excitingly these are now coming to fruition:
1. The $30 million youth vaccination program across 9 Pacific nations: “Give Every Child A Future” – this has been launched and initiated by 4 Centenary Clubs, RC Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland and Sydney.  Our partners are the Asia Development Bank and UNICEF.  Soon participation will be extended to all Rotarians. This will make a long-lasting difference in the Pacific Region.
2. Have you heard?  The Canadians are coming?  Charter Clubs, Calgary and Halifax have been invited to celebrate the Centenary and participate in inaugural Ralston-Davidson Golf Challenge, honouring the two Canadians who got the ball rolling for us!
3. How about a commemorative Stamp and Coin to be issued in 2021 by Australia Post and Royal Mint?  What an exciting way to present the Rotary brand across the nation in 2021!
4. How good will it be to create a legacy by stamping out Trachoma? PRIP Ian Riseley and multiple Districts strongly support the campaign to stop this scourge on indigenous health unique to Australia.
5. Save The Date!  Wednesday, 21 April, 2021.  A Grand Event at a world class venue attended by dignitaries and vice-regal representatives, participants from anywhere across Australia/NZ and a rolling program of face to face events in multiple locations!
Audacious? Yes, but our history is big and bold when we combine our energies!  We are not only celebrating the Centenary of 4 Rotary Clubs but the Centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand.  This will create a platform for the next 100 years of Rotary Community Service! What is now on the horizon? Keep tabs on the schedule of events on the Rotary 100 Downunder Facebook page . Please share the news and excitement with others. When new ideas emerge, let us know and we will help spread the news.
Hugh Bucknall
Team Leader R100; Rotary Club of Melbourne
Phone +61 3 9819 3309