Posted by Louisa Horne on May 30, 2019
In one sentence – the purpose of your District is to help clubs thrive!  That’s it.  Nothing more complicated than that.  How do we do that?  We identify talented people from across the district with a passion for helping clubs grow and be even more successful in their work.  We support nine Area Governors from across the district to offer help to your clubs and we manage a grants program and youth exchange program. 
More specifically, your District is asked by RI to have several committees that work for your clubs.  Briefly, these include:
  • Youth – helps you establish and deliver programs for youth such as Youth Exchange or Interact, as examples.  Do you want to start a new youth oriented project?  Let Chair Michael Craig know!
  • Foundation – helps you learn how to access grants and build connections with other clubs around the world who are doing interesting international service.  Or maybe you’d like to know about global scholars?  This committee can help with all this and more!  And they administer the grant funds that we receive from RI too.  Want to know more?  Ask Chair Stella Roy.
  • Membership/Healthy Clubs – helps you with strategies to become more irresistible and can link you to resources about membership initiatives or find someone to help your club with strategic planning.  Chair Gail Gosse can help.
  • Public Image – helps clubs with initiatives to build public awareness of what Rotary does – and can also provide advice if a crisis situation happens to arise.  Contact Chair Kristina Ennis to learn more.
  • Professional Development – designs and delivers training for Leaders of Clubs – Chair Alana Hirtle can answer any questions you may have.
  • Governance – this includes our Finance committee and can help your club enhance your systems or offer assistance with updating your policies on such topics as audits and risk management.