Posted by Louisa Horne on Nov 02, 2019
Helping clubs thrive...
Your Board and team of Area Governors met in late October for 1.5 days to learn more about intercultural integration and to review priorities.  We were enlightened by a trainer from the Immigrant Settlement Association of NS who offered a wonderful workshop that left us all with new insights. 
As always, we also reviewed our strategic plan and made an addition – you may know that RI recently reviewed the areas of focus and changed the names of a few of them. 
They also considered whether to make the environment a new area of focus and instead, decided to integrate issues related to the environment in all existing areas.  Great idea!
Your Board decided that we should also include a focus on environment in our district strategic plan.  Some clubs already have initiatives related to climate change and environment – such as planting trees or making personal commitments related to reducing and recycling. 
So now the question is, what should we as a district do?  Are there initiatives that we can help with?  We’d like to hear from you about what you’d like your district to do with respect to environment.  We don’t do district wide projects as efforts should come from clubs – but we can support and encourage action – what would you like to see?  We want to hear from you. 
Please send Louisa your thoughts and suggestions about this important topic –
Trivia question – what are the new names of the areas of focus and what is now being integrated into them all?