It was amazing! We were engulfed by over 25,500 Rotarians from around the world who experienced the very best that Rotary has to offer. We heard inspirational speeches from world leaders at the plenary sessions and were able to focus in on specific areas of interest by attending the breakout sessions. One such session on awareness of Indigenous peoples left me deeply moved.
Amidst the masses of Rotarians, I have a short story for you as to how small the Rotary world really is. While working on a project in Nepal, we were given a couple of small gifts for a husband and wife team from the Rotary Club of Gananoque. That club has supported the construction of many temporary housing shelters for those who lost everything in the earthquake.
A Rotarian friend from Ontario offered to take the small gifts from Pictou to Bruce and Dorothy. The gifts were delivered successfully.
The most incredible thing happened while we were watching the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto attended by untold thousands of people. A woman standing in front of me had her Rotary badge on which read "Rotary Club of Gananoque". I asked her if it was her club that sponsored the housing in Nepal and she turned and responded with a yes. As I gazed at her name tag, I was blown away to read that her name was Dorothy! Yes, in that crowd of thousands, I was standing next to one of  the two recipients of the gifts from Nepal. Truly, the Rotary world is so small at times!!
Enjoy your summer! If you are in Newfoundland, Labrador or St. Pierre & Miguelon, Irene and I are looking forward to meeting you.
D7820 Clubs featured at Toronto Convention!
Clubs within our District were featured prominently at the 2018 Rotary international Convention in Toronto. The first time was at the begininng of one of the General Sessions held at the Air Canada Centre.
Before each General Session an inspiring video is shown on the large screens. One video was of the Syrian Refugee family of Mazen and Sultanah Alchehade that was supported by the Rotary Club of Amherst, Nova Scotia. This story was previously featured the Rotarian Magazine. The video showed the family, Rotarian Dave Christie and others. It was certainly an inspiring video and a moment of pride for our district. The family has done very well in adapting to their new surroundings and they are very grateful to both Rotary and their new country of Canada. This picture was taken during the 2017 official visit of then District Governor Don Sword to the RC Amherst. He and Dave Christie are sitting in the home of the Alchehade family - Mother, Father and their six children, including twin boys born in Nova Scotia!
The second time that our district was featured prominently was when 2017-18 Rotary International President Ian Riseley gave his presentation to the General Session at the ACC on his year as President.
He mentioned several highlights of his year and spoke about the most significant project that he had visited during his year. That project was the Inspire Learning Centre which was a project of the Rotary Club of Summerside, PEI!
When President Ian and his wife Juliet were on Prince Edward Island for the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown, they stayed an extra day to attend a regular meeting of that club on Monday October 2 , 2017 and to attend a special event in Summerside. That special event was the Grand Opening of the Inspire Learning Centre.
In President Ian's presentation he included a photo of the Inspire Learning Centre and a photo of the ribbon cutting ceremony similar to the one shown here. Shown in this photo are Summerside Rotarian Derek Key, President Ian, 2017-18 District Governor Don Sword, RC Summerside's President 2017-18 Gordon Coffin and Assistant Governor (and member of RC Summerside) Heather Matheson. What a moment of pride for RC Summerside, Rotary on Prince Edward Island and the entire district to be so prominently featured in the Rotary International's President's presentation to the world of Rotary! It's no wonder RC Summerside earned the 2016-17 Outstanding Club of the Year Award for our district and the Rotary International Significant Achievement Award for D7820 for 2017-18.
Congratulations to both the Rotary Club of Amherst, NS and the Rotary Club of Summerside, PEI for making our district very proud.
Simply Irresistable!
Every Rotary International Convention features a series of breakout sessions on a variety of Rotary related topics. The 2018 Toronto convention is no exception.
The breakouts were held at various meeting rooms at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and on the afternoon of Wednesday June 27th, a very special breakout was led by Past District Governor (2008-09) Doug Logan, Rotary E-Club of Atlantic Canada and District Governor Elect (2019-20) Louisa Horne of the Rotary Club of Halifax Harbourside. The session was called "Simply Irresistible - A contemporary approach to membership (and thriving clubs)."
Despite being one of the last sessions of the week the lecture theatre had a good turnout to hear Doug and Louisa provide a very impressive presentation with engaging graphics and some technological wonders including an instant online poll of the attendees.
Membership is a hot button topic but Doug and Louisa argued that simply looking for and asking more pepole to join rotary is not the answer. Rather clubs need to look within and examine ways that the clubs themselves can change and improve to become "Simply Irresitible" to non Rotarians that they want to join. This message was delivered with a lot anecdotes and data taken from many experiences from within D7820 and many of our clubs were mentioned "anonymously". 
Rotarians from our district would have recognized many of the messages as these themes have been part of our Training for Leaders of Clubs (TLC) for several years. Rotary international has taken notice and wants to learn from us!
The breakout was a great success and Doug and Louisa stayed after the session for quite while answering questions, exchanging contact information and ideas.
Photo - LR PDG Doug, PDG Don Sword (2017-18) RC Avalon Northeast and DGE Louisa on stage just prior to the breakout session.
D7820 Volunteers at Toronto Convention
A Rotary International convention is a huge undertaking and it requires a lot of volunteers. These volunteers are Rotarians who come from all over the world. This year, among the approximately 130 registrants from D7820, we had a number of our district Rotarians volunteer. 
Each convention needs "sergeant at arms" to help guide registrants as they enter, exit and navigate around and through the convention venues. From left to right in the photo, wearing their "2018 Volunteer SAA" sashes are: District Governor Elect (2019-20) Louisa Horne from the RC of Halifax Harbourside, Trinda Ernst from RC New Minas Sunrise, Past District Governor (2016-17) Elva Heyge from RC Kentville and Past AG Kevin Armstrong from the Rotary Club of Sydney Sunrise.
Thanks for your service to Rotary and job well done!
On Sunday morning June 23rd, the Convention's Interfaith Service was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. At that time there was a "World Choir" with participants from around the Rotary world. D7820 was not left out. 
From L-R Dick Hodgson, RC Halifax Northwest, Area Governor Barbara Pate, RC Halifax Harbourside, District Governor Elect (2019-20) Louisa Horne, RC Halifax Harbourside, Trinda Ernst, RC New Minas Sunrise, Roman Wysozki from Germany & Halifax (and a frequent visitor to Rotary Club of Halifax Harbourside). 
Thanks for making Rotary International District 7820 proud!
D7820 at the House of Friendship in Toronto
At every Rotary International Convention, there is a huge trade show called the House of Friendship. Here there are booths and displays related to Rotary Clubs and District projects, Rotary Fellowships, Rotary Action Groups, Rotary licensed vendors and a variety of other Rotary and non Rotary related booths and displays. There are usually food vendors and a main stage for daily entertainment. 
You didn't have to go far in the Toronto 2018 House of Friendship to find some familar faces. Over at booth 702, "Helping Babies Survive", neonatal physician and member of the Rotary Club of Halifax, Dr. Doug McMillan had his club banner on display. With the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Halifax and the support of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the "Helping Babies Survive" booth sought to interest Rotarians (through their clubs and Districts) in this aspect of Maternal and Child Health with the potential for future global grants (or other cooperative activities).
The booth highlighted actions plans and had educational material and equipment available for “hands on” demonstrations. It also provided information showing “benefits” and how a Rotary Global Grant may be established. Please contact Dr Doug and/or the Rotary Club of Halifax if you or your club is interested in exploring project ideas for improving survival rates for babies around the world. 
(This photo shows L-R Erick Amick from AAP in Chicago, 2017-18 District Governor Don Sword and Dr Doug McMillan at the "Helping Babies Survive" booth.)
The City of Summerside thought the Rotary House of Friednship at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was a great place to showcase what their community has to offer to businesses and residents. So over at booth 1031, convention attendees were greeted by the smiling faces of Summerside Mayor Bill Martin as he invited them to "Come Grow With Us". They had brochures and give-aways including souvenir lobsters! :)
Mayor Bill also happens to be an active member of the Rotary Club of Summerside and he was accompanied at the booth by fellow Rotarian Bruce MacDonald and Tara from the City of Summerside. Mayor Bill said that the booth at the House of Friendship was one of the best trade shows he had seen with very interested and engaged attendees. He said that they had been several very promising connections made during the days that the House of Friendship was open.
(photo L-R - Mayor Bill, Don Sword, Tara and Bruce).
Zone Public Image Awards
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If you have a Public Image project that fits the criteria, please apply.
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