It's Oct 1st and a quarter of the Rotary year is in the history books. What a great three months! I have visited about 30 clubs so far and have been inspired by the engaged Rotarians and active clubs around our District.
One highlight was when Pat and I were joined by eighteen of our fellow Avalon Northeasters & partners and AG Roger & Suzanne for a wonderful weekend visit to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Check out our RI District 7820 Facebook page for photos and local media coverage of the visit!
But the most heartwarming example of Rotary: Making A Difference that I experience was when I visited the Syrian refugee family of Mazen and Sultanah Alchehade supported by the Rotary Club of Amherst. Their story was featured in the Sept Rotarian magazine. What a wonderful family who are making a success of their new lives in Canada!
I hope by now all clubs have shaken off the summer doldrums and are embracing this new Rotary year. This month is Economic and Community Development Month. It's a good time to start working on a community project or needs assessment.
And don't forget my "P.I.P.E. Dreams" and RI President Ian Riseley's "Plant a Tree" Challenge (July Bulletin) Our planting season is rapidly ending so if your Club hasn't made its plans yet then there is no time to waste!
Finally, watch your email in the next few days for a special Bulletin all about Rotary International President Ian Riseley's visit to PEI as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown on October 1st. 
Until next time,
DG Don
World Polio Day - Tuesday October 24, 2017

We are “this close”. Thanks to you.

As you know, one of Rotary’s goals is to eradicate polio.  We are down to eight children infected in the world in 2017 so far. Please see the attached graphic. This is down from, literally, tens of thousands only a few short years ago. 

Tuesday, October 24 is World Polio Day.  

Let’s celebrate, raise awareness, and raise some funds in District 7820.  Please let me know if you want some more information on the following ideas: Declare your town, city or province World Polio Day; Make a donation on a per-member basis for clubs in your area; Pints for Polio (Dinner, etc. at a local brewery);  Host a viewing dinner to watch the live-streamed World Polio Day in October.

Check out for further ideas on raising awareness, fundraising ideas, and up-to-date information. 

Let me know what your club did for Polio eradication this October, and we’ll celebrate together.

We really are this close.

Tom (

Rotary Friendship Exchange visits to D7820
At the time of this writing, the Rotary Friendship Exchange team from D1420 (Finland & Estonia) is halfway through their visit. A wonderful group of very interesting Rotarians and their guests with a diversity of backgrounds. This group has visited the Annapolis Valley and Prince Edward Island and along the way, the RC of Truro warmly welcomed them with a great BBQ lunch. Currently they have visited Pictou County and are on their way to Cape Breton. This group is overwhelmed with the generosity and hospitality of everyone that they have met.
On October 1st, we will welcome an RFE visit from D5520 (Vancouver Island & Western Washington). This group of five couples will travel through the western end of Nova Scotia, the Valley and HRM. A great program is planned to tour and entertain them. We know that our Rotarians will treat them with the same Maritime hospitality as we are known for.
As you know from an earlier message, the incoming team from D6990 (South Florida & Grand Bahamas) had to postpone their visit but still wanted us to visit them in February. I have been in contact with Ligia, the RFE Chair, who needs to rethink this plan due to the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Irma. She had not been able to contact all of her team but will advise us shortly of their decision.  I passed along our prayers and best wishes that damage was minimized for our Rotarian friends.
If you wish more information on how to get involved with Rotary Friendship Exchanges, please contact DG Tom McCaughey at or 709-682-2759. We have had correspondence with several districts who wish to exchange with us. These include Australia; Oregon; Turkey; India; South Africa; Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta; D2452 )Lebanon/Cyprus/ Jordan/ Bahrain/ Sudan/UAE/ Armenia/ Georgia/ Palestine)  We are also looking to Netherland and other countries for future exchanges.
Thanks David & Paulette Hooley & RC of Charlottetown Royalty. A wonderful evening of food, fellowship and a bit of ABBA
PDG Tom McCaughey
Register for Rotary Leadership Institute Session Oct 28th Truro
The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of one-day courses offered to help refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge about Rotary.  Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business, professional and community leaders who want to become more knowledgeable Rotarians and more effective leaders in their vocation and their Rotary club.  It is open to all Rotarians but is especially beneficial for newer Rotarians.
You can find out more about RLI and the various sessions by checking out our on line resources.  Experienced Rotarians are the leaders of the sessions and you will meet others from clubs all over the Atlantic region.  
The fall session of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be held Oct 28, 2017 in Truro at the Truro Campus of the NSCC, 36 Arthur St.   We are planning to offer all Parts of the training if enough Rotarians from  District 7810 and 7820 register   On-line registration is available by clicking this link.  Don't delay as space is limited for each Part.  
The cost of the course is  still $125 which includes lunch and breaks.  Hotel accommodation is the responsibility of the individual Rotarian. 
The Rotary Club of Truro is also hosting a reception at the Best Western on October 27th starting at 7:00 pm for Rotarians in Truro for the RLI event on the 28th. 
Participating in RLI has proven to be the defining moment for many Rotarians.  Join us in Truro.
Shelterbox is the First Response for Rotary
This has been a year of major environmental disasters! Category 5 Hurricane's like Harvey, Irma, Joes and Maria made their way through the Caribbean with sustained record-breaking wind speeds and storm surges causing untold personal damage and suffering.  The island of Barbuda is now considered uninhabitable as 95% of buildings were destroyed and there is no water or power.  Places liked the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Florida to name just a few other location have also been hard hit. 
But it's not just hurricanes that are causing devastation. There have been devastating flooding round the world. More than 1.7 million people have been affected in Nepal, while a third of Bangladesh is under water. Huge areas of India and Myanmar are also in need of support.  Earth quakes have recently caused major damage in Mexico. 
You and your club may be wondering how best to help in the face of such overwhelming need.
As official Project Partners in disaster relief, Rotary and ShelterBox work together to ensure that no family is left without shelter after disasters. ShelterBox teams are currently working with Rotarians in Districts where these disaster have occurred to determine the need and what can be done do to help.  But ShelterBox needs the support of Rotarians like you  in order to help families affected by these disasters around the world. 
Please consider ShelterBox as an avenue for you and your club to help give immediate relief to families whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed.  
Donations can be made online at where you will also find out more about the good work of Shelterbox.
Canadian Landmine Foundation

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson
Trustee, The Rotary Foundation, 2009-13
President, Rotary International, 2007-08

tel 1.613.392.2592
fax 1.613.392.8512

Dear Rotarian,

When was the last time you stepped on a landmine? Probably never — aren’t we fortunate. If you live in Cambodia, Iraq or Syria, to name a few, you may have not been so lucky. In fact if you’ve served in the military, you might be competing in the Invictus Games in Toronto this month.

This far away reality of the effects of landmines and IEDs will come much closer to home next week as Toronto hosts the 3rd Invictus Games. For many involved they have had the benefit of resources and support from their countries. Yet, residents of most countries still affected by landmines can offer little assistance to mine victims. This is where we as caring and compassionate Rotarians come in to fill this void.

Rotarians everywhere in Canada have committed time and money to eliminate many ills that plague our world, including longstanding support of landmine eradication. We Rotarians of the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) are, with the permission of your District Governor asking Rotarians across Canada to renew their commitment to eliminating these hideous devices.

As with our efforts with polio we continue to make progress on the landmines front, but not without setbacks. Landmine use is on the rise and funding has steadily declined over the past number of years. Canada was once the 3rd largest funder of landmine eradication, but is now 10th. Overall funding for landmine relief is at its lowest point in 10 years.

Yet many are still suffering.

As many as 18 people, are losing their lives or limbs each day to the catastrophic effects of landmines. Lives and communities are forever changed as a result.

It is now time for Rotarians to revisit their commitment to this worthwhile humanitarian cause. In keeping with this year’s Rotary theme — it is time once again for Rotarians “To Make a Difference.”

With a new Rotary year upon us we are asking clubs and districts to strongly consider supporting CLMF, an organization which has substantial and active Rotary representation.

Going forward CLMF’s efforts will concentrate its efforts on demining in Cambodia to make the most effective use of our funds. In Cambodia we have both state and local support for our initiatives, making contributions more meaningful, visible and lasting.

How can you help?

  • Consider a donation to CLMF as part of your International service budget. Did you know that for as little as US$200 you are able to fund landmine clearing for a day — that’s another 100 square meters that are now safe to work, safe to play, safe to live.
  • Combine fellowship and ‘fun’raising by holding a “Night of a Thousand Dinners.” Invite friends, neighbours, Rotaractors, Interactors as well as your club members. Use this gathering to not only raise money for a worthwhile cause, but also to build awareness and educate those in your community about the devastating effects of landmines.

Donations may be made as follows online at, or by mail at:

Canadian Landmine Foundation
c/o LCMSDS Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3C5

note: Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or greater.

On behalf of the Canadian Landmine Foundation’s Rotary Engagement Subcommittee, composed of Rotarians Chris Snyder, Gordon Dowlsey, Bob Butterill and myself, we thank you for taking the time to consider supporting our Canada-wide efforts.

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, CM, FCPA

President of Rotary International 2007-08
Chairman of the Rotary Foundation 2012-13


Save the dates to attend Rotary’s 100th Anniversary Halifax Explosion Commemoration Events 
Halifax Metro Rotary Clubs are welcoming about a dozen Boston Rotarians and guests during a the week of December 6th, the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.
DG Don Sword will be attending these events and you are also welcome. We are working on a registration method so we can gauge the numbers of people attending these events.
If you have questions, please contact Ron Zwaagstra
The itinerary of events is still a work in progress but here is what we have so far.
December 5th evening – Film and networking event: Halifax Explosion: The Deaf Experience. Location TBA.

December 6th
9:00 Commemoration at Needham Park. 
mid morning -  a brief meeting with Boston group and Halifax hosts looking at work in two cities and future projects
12:00 – Metro wide Rotary Meeting hosted by Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest at Cornwallis Baptist Church. We have guest speaker local historian Blair Beed and hope to have other guests from the Mi’kmaq and Black communities. $20 per person for what I hear is a fabulous lunch put on by the church. There are also plans to name a Paul Harris Fellow. Cost is $20.00
Afternoon – a visit to Pier 21 or Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This has been booked for 2:30PM
evening – TBA
December 7th
AM Homelessness and Hunger Symposium – St. Mark’s Anglican Church. Some ideas on the origins of social work concepts and help and relief guidelines and ideas that that began in 1917 in the aftermath of the explosion are being considered. We will then take a look at how our methods and tactics have changed if at all and what are today’s needs. This will be set up as a panel with reps from prominent agencies working in the areas of homelessness, food and shelter with Wendy Keen as moderator. The plan is to follow up with modest lunch. This is a very basic soup and roll or bread along the theme of what type of food would have been given as aid in 1917. St. Mark’s original building was destroyed in the explosion and the rebuild was completed in 1921. The church has a strong connection to north end Halifax, an area so profoundly affected by the explosion.
PM - Visit Halifax Hydrostone and have a coffee, lunch / early supper as guests require.
Bulletin Editor
Don Sword
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