It was a great day in the Sword household on October 25th. Pat and I welcomed our first grandchild, Josephine Dawn Williams, all 7 lbs 3 oz of her, into our lives. Isn't she beautiful? Our older daughter Kim and her husband Cameron live nearby to us and we know they will be great parents.
Our granddaughter has been born into a life of relative privilege, in a safe country with good public education and universal healthcare. Not every child in this world is born with such advantages.
November is Rotary Foundation Month and our 100 year old charity has been recognized independently as one of the best (and in one case, THE best) charity in the world. Our Foundation is truly living up to its motto of "doing good in the world"
The Rotary Foundation empowers youth, enhances health, promotes peace, and most important, advances the community. The six focus areas of the Foundation are: Maternal and Child Health; Disease Prevention and Treatment; Water and Sanitation; Basic Education and Literacy; Economic and Community Development; and Peace and Conflict Resolution. 
This Bulletin has a particular focus on The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and all that it does. This is our own charity and sometimes I think we Rotarians don't realize how good TRF is and how worthy it is of our support. I urge all Rotary Clubs and individual Rotarians in our District to support TRF. Our District is launching a major campaign for the Foundation in partnership with our neighbour, District 7810. Read the story in this Bulletin. Remember, even a small donation can help to eradicate polio or support projects to create lasting change for others less fortunate than ourselves in another country or even in our own communities. Donating is easy, simply go to and click on the GIVE button on the top of the home page.
This Bulletin includes an update on my "P.I.P.E. Dreams" as well as the 2017-18 Rotary Citation. Please note the important initiative for all clubs in the Rotary world to record their volunteer hours and service project contributions so that we can better explain and publicize our impact on on our local and global communities. There are also stories on the recent RLI and Rotary Friendship Exchange
I have less than ten clubs left to visit. I have been very impressed by how our District's clubs are "Making A Difference" in their local communities and around the world. To follow my travels and find out what great things are being done in our District please "like" or "follow" the Facebook page "Rotary International - District 7820".
Until next time,
DG Don
Million Dollar Campaign D7810 & D7820
District 7810
Our Rotary International District 7820 is joining forces with our neighbouring District 7810 (New Brunswick and part of Maine) to support the Rotary Foundation in our Districts. 
We are pleased to announce the launch of a Million Dollar Campaign and Celebration Dinner. This is an opportunity for our Districts to show that we believe in the ideals of Rotary and our ability to "Do Good in the World".
The Rotary Foundation is a remarkable organization, with strong financial oversight, that allows Rotarians to achieve results in many ways by transforming our gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.  Its mission is to advance world understanding, good will ad peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sutainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.
The leadership of Districts 7810 and 7820 want to make the work of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) better known, to raise the profile of the great work that is being done around the globe by TRF. Paul Harris said, "Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves." Help us to continuing ensuring great results.
We are inviting you to become part of Rotary's life changing work by becoming part of our Million Dollar Campaign and Celebration Dinner .
Thank you.
RI District 7810RI District 7820
PDG Michel LegerePDG Greg Coldwell
PDG Allan MaclellanPDG Stella Roy
We Are "This Close" To Eradicating Polio
We are "this close".  Thanks to you.
As you know, one of Rotary's goals is to eradicate polio. As of the end of October there have been only 12 new cases of wild polio in the world in 2017. That's down from 37 in 2016 and 74 in 2015. Thirty years ago there were 350,000 cases a year. The countdown to eradication is truly upon us.
But we still need your help. The final push to eradicate will cost US$1.5 Billion and to support that financial target Rotary International has pledged to raise $US 50 Million a year for the next three years. 
Tuesday October 24 was World Polio Day.  
Across the Rotary world there were celebrations, fundraisers and activities. But right here at home in District 7820 there were a number of special events to mark the occasion. For example, the St. John's East Rotary Club held a "Pints for Polio" fundraiser at the Qudi Vidi Brewery. It was a sold out event and raised thousands to END POLIO NOW. The E-Club of Atlantic Canada spearheaded an On-line World Polio Day event that started in the Atlantic and went across Canada with regional E-Clubs and special guests joining the meeting as each time zone reached 7 PM! What a great idea to raise awareness and money! 
The Rotary Club of New Minas Sunrise had its county proclaim World Polio Day and the Rotary Club of Truro held a "Get to Know Rotary Day" and promoted World Polio Day as well. And many other clubs in our District supported World Polio Day in their own way.  
World Polio Day may be over, but that is no reason for you or your club to do nothing until next year. Continue to raise awareness and raise funds to help eradicate polio. Encourage your club to make its own donation. Or, consider making your own personal donation to Polio Plus. Check our for more ideas on raising awareness, fundraising ideas and up-to-date information.
Please let our District Polio Coordinator, Tom Campbell, know what your club has done or plans to do to help eradicate polio.
We really are "this close"!
P.I.P.E. Dreams Progress
By now everyone in the District should have heard about DG Don's P.I.P.E. Dreams for D7820.
In addition to seeking help from talented and committed Rotarians throughout the district to develop, by June 30, 2018 , sustainable district strategies for each of  Public Image, Peace and the Environment, DG Don is asking each club to take some simple steps to build momentum and awareness of  P.I.P.E. Dreams in our District. So far, the reaction from around the district has been very positive.
The P.I.PE. Dreams are:
For Public Image - let's use 2017-18 as a year to take a look at our Rotary club websites, brochures and other promotional materials and bring them up to date for the new brand standards introduced by Rotary International. If we all are up to date - it makes us all look better. Go to the Brand Center on for more details. 
For Peace, let's use 2017-18 as a year for all clubs to devote at least one club meeting to Peace. That means one week's program, speaker or activity should be related to peace and conflict resolution. Share your ideas with your Assistant Governor and take pictures for social media. Send in your pictures and we will show them at the 2018 District Conference in St. John's when we have a "white out" for peace!  
For Environment, let's use 2017-18 as a year for all clubs to devote  at least one club meeting to the Environment. That means one week's program, speaker or activity should be related to the environment. An easy way to do this is to participate in RI President Ian Riseley's "Plant a Tree" challenge. Every Rotary club in the world is challenged to plant one tree for each member of their club between July 1, 2017 and April 22, 2018 (Earth Day). Make it fun, make it memorable, make it engaging. You choose how to participate! Share your ideas and projects with your Assistant Governor and take pictures for social media.  Send in your pictures and we will show them at the 2018 District Conference in St. John's to demonstrate how we have planted over 1600 trees in our district to "Protect Planet Earth" and to support sustainable service in our communities and around the world.
With your help even P.I.P.E. Dreams can become a reality!
The Rotary Citation 2017-18
Rotary International President Ian Riseley has challenged clubs to take some fairly simple steps to achieve the 2017-18 Rotary Citation.
Clubs that are strong and are "Making A Difference" in their communities will automatically be recognized for their goals but they need to let Rotary International know about it by recording it on Rotary Club Central (RCC) , Rotary Showcase and Rotary Ideas. (To find these simply go to and log into My Rotary ) 
Two things are mandatory.
Firstly, clubs must pay their Rotary International dues on time in July and January. Secondly, all clubs must report their volunteer hours and service project contributions in Rotary Club Central. The reason for this is that it will allow Rotary International to quantify our impact on our local and global communities. This is critical for Rotary International to attract and retain major partners like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . It also helps Districts and Clubs tell their stories to their supporters. Every club has at least one member who is good at keeping records. Let the Four Way Test apply to your estimate of volunteer hours. 
The rest of the Presidential Citation follows the three areas of the Rotary Strategic Plan.
  1. Support and Strengthen Clubs - achieve 4 out of 8 goals, including ones like "set at least 10 goals in RCC" ;"Update your Strategic Plan in RCC"; "achieve a net gain in membership"; "achieve a net gain in female members" and "achieve a net gain in members under 40".
  2. Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service - achieve 4 out of 9 goals, including ones like "sponsor or club members participate in a polio fundraising or awareness event - Report in Rotary Showcase under polio category"; "sponsor at least one global or district grant"; "carry out an environment project (like tree planting) - report in Rotary Showcase"; "work with another club on a project - report in the Rotary Showcase"; "Involve Interactors or  Rotaracters in a sustainable project - Report in RCC; and "Increase your support for The Rotary Foundation: (a) by 10% over 2016 levels (b) the number of members who donate $US25 or more and/or (c) minimum Annual Fund contribution of US$100 per member."
  3. Enhance Rotary's Public Image and Awareness - achieve 4 out of 8 goals including ones like "use Rotary's brand guidelines, templates and other resources in all communications - report in RCC"; "Regularly update your website and social media accounts - report in RCC"; "Host and Promote a World Polio day Event - register it on"; "Host a networking event in your community and report it on RCC"; "Establish/continue a partnership on a project with a corporation, not for profit or government for a project - report it on RCC"; "Have local media cover a club project, event or fundraiser - report in RCC or the Rotary Showcase."
Most of these goals are very easy to achieve - in fact your club may have already achieved them! Please take the time to report them on Rotary Club Central,the Rotary Showcase or
Good luck! But remember, achieving the Citation is one thing - the true "win" is that your club will be "high performing" and Making A Difference in your local and world communities.
DG Don
District 7810 and 7820 News about Foundation
District 7810 and 7820 News about Foundation
Hello, everyone! I am enclosing a couple of the wonderful things that our districts do with money that is donated to the Rotary Foundation. It will give you examples of what we are doing to do good in the world and about some of the things that clubs do in their own communities. These examples are the result of member donations to the Rotary Foundation and how the funds were used.
PDG Rick Rogers
ARRFC Zone 24 East
A district grant made possible by donations made to TRF by clubs and members of District 7810 
District grant to the Rotary Club of Grand Manan Island
The most recent Foundation project with the Rotary Club of Grand Manan Island was with the Grand Manan Island Museum. Two years ago, the museum board hired Island artist Sara Griffin to produce an eighteen-foot-high and thirty-foot-long educational mural of the ecological tidal zones of Grand Manan. There are scenes of the shore line, sea birds local to the Bay of Fundy, as well as many examples of fish and mammals in the Bay.
The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Club grant allowed the museum to create several educational booklets explaining to the public each species represented in the mural, representing hundreds of birds, fish, animals, plants, and underwater vegetation. This is a good example of how a District Grant could be used for education in your own community. Doing good in your own part of the world!!
World grant for the children's orphanage in Eden, Zimbabwe
This grant was made possible from contributions from several Rotary clubs in District 7810 and the District DDF funds. All of these funds were matched with funds from the Rotary Foundation. The funds from the Rotary Foundation were the funds that our members and clubs had donated previously to our charity, The Rotary Foundation, known as TRF.
Zimbabwe is a small country in Africa that is very poor and has a great many orphans to care for. They live in an area several kilometers from the capital of Harrie. This orphanage has been in existence for approximately 16 years and is self-sufficient, but the equipment is old and worn out and in need of replacement. They have been receiving more orphans on a regular basis and the resources and the ability to maintain them was presenting a challenge. Equipment breakdown, destruction of crops by pests, and the inability to irrigate when needed were a big problem for the village. They had a lake in the area that could be used for irrigation in the dry seasons but were not able to capitalize on this resource.
The world grant was for a tractor to replace the worn out one they had, a truck to transport supplies to the village (previously cost $500 per round trip), and irrigation equipment to ensure crops could be raised even in the dry season. All of this helped the residents but also helped other people in the surrounding area who depend a great deal on the farm. This was a wonderful example of doing good in the world, made possible by the generous donations of Rotary members and their clubs.

I hope you enjoyed the description of a couple of grants in District 7810 and I hope that folks in District 7820 will send me some of their grant stories. I would like to showcase articles about both districts and their World and Districts grants each month going forward. Please include some pictures.
Send me your proud moments with these grants so we can share with everyone all the good that we have done in the world and in our own area.
PDG Rick Rogers
ARRFC Zone 24 East
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Session Success
The fall session of the Rotary leadership Institute (RLI)  was held Oct 24th in Truro.  There were 29 Rotarians who spent the day sharpening their leadership skills and learning more about their organization.  This included three who successfully completed the training to become RLI facilitators. As always, feedback from the day has been very positive. 
The next RLI session will be held April 7th, in Dieppe NB.  All three parts will be offered if enough people register before the deadline.
Check out the RLI page, register for a Part and bring someone  from your club to the next session.
Rotary Friendship Exchange Update
The last Friendship Exchange visitors have returned home to District 5020 (Vancouver Island & western Washington State  and by all reports, their experience in Nova Scotia was much better than they had anticipated.
Comments received include “the best vacation we’ve ever had” ; “A wonderful exchange, beyond our expectations” &  “We both had a wonderful experience and enjoyed the beauty of Nova Scotia, the warm welcoming and hospitality of our hosts and the camaraderie of our fellow Rotarians.”
Along with sightseeing of the usual tourist spots, the group had the opportunity to socialize with several clubs at meetings and socials and to make presentations. Lunches and coffee stops included several local and unique hideaways that most tourists wouldn’t encounter
Among the many spots visited on the South Shore were Blue Rocks, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Bridgewater and Liverpool. The group took the ferry across the Lahave River stopping for coffee at the Lahave bakery before sightseeing along the coast to Liverpool for lunch with visits to the Hank Snow Museum and Queens County Museum
On the way to their Yarmouth stopover, they visited the unique Black Loyalist Cultural Centre. The Yarmouth club treated them to similar sights and hospitality. Pubnico Acadian Village, Lighthouses, a fabulous hockey event, kitchen party, a shipbuilding tour in Meteghan and a tour of Port Royal in Annapolis were part of the events guided by their Yarmouth hosts.
The Annapolis Valley hosts were not to be outdone. They treated our guests to theatres, scenic drives, winery, distillery and garden tours, museums and natural wonders of high tides, historic Grand Pre, a tour of Rotary’s Camp Mockingee along with home hosted and group dinners
The HRM clubs treated our guests with tours of Halifax and surrounding areas, Peggy’s Cove, Pier 21, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Citadel Hill Historic sites, a harbour crossing on a sister ferry of two that they earlier saw under construction…..and they still had time for shopping , unique eateries and home hosted group dinners.
All in all, our guests were treated to our unique Maritime hospitality and loved it and look forward to returning the favour in kind when our team from 7820 visits them in May.
Many thanks to all the clubs, Rotarians and partners who participated in any way to the success of this RFE and also the earlier visit by those from District 1420 from Finland and Estonia. No wonder so many Rotarians want to visit our wonderful little part of the world
Tom McCaughey, PDG
Rotary District 7820 Friendship Chair
Bulletin Editor
Don Sword
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