Awards - Heart of the District - Conrad - 2018019

PDG Duncan Conrad
District Governor

The HEART OF THE DISTRICT AWARD is given to a Past District Governor who provided great service to the district during his/her year as district governor and who continues to contribute in an outstanding way to the work being carried out by District 7820.
Both before and after his governorship, Duncan has always been very generous in assisting with District committees and projects. Among these would be his determined work over many years is proposing, developing and establishing the Paul Harris Society in District 7820 by which many Rotarians across the District contribute $1,000.00 annually to the Rotary Foundation.
Duncan, along with others, was a great influence in establishing and promoting the Million Dollar Dinner program in aid of the Rotary Foundation and continues to support a similar joint event with District 7810. He has worked very hard with Rotary Foundation personnel in cultivating and approaching Rotarians and others to contribute to the work of our Foundation including donations and nomination to membership in the Arch Klumph Society of the Foundation.
What is more important is Duncan’s continuous motivation in promoting contributions to the Foundation in order that our District would realize much more benefit and available funding in support of local and international District and club projects. He has also played a role over several years in communicating and effecting numerous changes to the Rotary Foundation programs and assistance that have greatly benefited our clubs and our District.
As District Representative to three RI Councils on Legislation, Duncan has worked extremely hard in preparing, communicating and seeking opinions from the District leadership and with Rotarians across the District, giving leadership within the Councils on Legislation and then disseminating the results/decisions of each Council to the District membership. Despite opinions to the contrary, this important role is extremely time consuming and Duncan has been an outstanding and hard working representative for our District.
The District has also benefited a great deal from Duncan’s leadership at both the local and district levels in membership development and he has always looked to develop new ideas and membership initiatives to open Rotary to more individuals and groups. This can also be said about his assistance in leadership development across the District. He has always been willing to travel and to conduct excellent, well prepared workshops across the District on leadership, membership and especially the Rotary Foundation.
In all his efforts, PDG Duncan has always demonstrated his love for Rotary and his belief in Rotary as an exceptional tool in improving the lives of others. Duncan Conrad exemplifies the spirit of Rotary and is therefore a stellar candidate to receive the “Heart of District Award” for 2019.