Graduate Courses

There are a number of Graduate courses that may be offered depending on need and numbers requesting the program.


Rotary Council On Legislation (COL) How We Change Rotary 
How to affect change in Rotary using the Rotary legislative process.

Membership and Membership Issues
The object of this course is to review membership recruitment and retention ideas. Many seminars and  meetings are held on membership but the goal is to take the ideas and translate them into action. Without action, our membership efforts remain unchanged. The hope is to develop three main survey tools that Rotarians can use to help identify potential new members, find out what existing members might be interested in and to find out why Rotarians leave Rotary.

Ethics in Rotary
The purpose of this course is to explore the development of “high ethical standards” with Rotary and how it applies to today. This course will deal with ethics but should not be an ethics course. There are many, many gray areas and often no right or wrong answers
Effective Public Speaking 
A practical hands-on opportunity for Rotarians to improve their public speaking performance.
The History of Rotary
This course looks at the founding years and subsequent century of the organization with a critical eye. How did our basic principles develop? Have we always been about Youth, Vocation, Community, International, or even Service concerns? When difficult times or issues faced Rotary, how did our organization react? What has the impact of The Rotary Foundation been on Rotary?  How did corporate programs and goals, like Youth Exchange and Polio Eradication, develop? Have these changes been good for our organization?
Diversity in Rotary
A cutting edge examination of the concept of "diversity", it's societal, legal and cultural genesis, and its application to the Rotary organization and Rotary clubs. Is it the key to "saving" Rotary?
Motivating Volunteers
Rotary is a volunteer based organization.  How do we get and keep volunteers motivated?
Public Relations
A practical guide to public relations in a volunteer organization