Posted by Emily Benson on Oct 02, 2019
There's no feeling quite like the one that comes with the experience of putting those two drops under a child's tongue. Knowing that those two drops have now taken the risk of a life with Polio out of the cards for their future. The look on their mother or father's face knowing that their child is protected. The youngest children are in ignorance of the significance, and are just pleased to receive their treat at the end, but many are old enough to know someone affected by the disease, and know how important these efforts are.
I've been in communities - walking through alleyways with parents holding their 1 day old babies looking for a vaccine - those drops being the priority of the day. I've been in schools where children are chanting "Bye Bye Polio" as we make our way through the crowd. I've been in hospitals, clinics and rehab facilities spending time with those whose creation of the vaccine came just a few years too late.
No matter if you're donating a few dollars for a handful of vaccines or flying across the world to deliver them - every effort, every dime, every action toward the end goal saves countless lives. No matter how small it seems, a life is forever changed; and we're this close to making it a change to the human race.