Posted by Rob Christie on Aug 28, 2018
Rotarians in our District are “People of Action”, doing fantastic projects in their communities and across the world. We thought it a great idea to share, over the remaining 10 months of this Rotary year, projects that have been undertaken by every club in our District; we believe it is important to honour and acknowledge the work of our Rotarians. Each month we will feature four or five clubs and what they are doing as “People of Action”. 
Having completed the Newfoundland and St. Pierre portions of the DG visits, I would like to start by sharing with you the projects I learned about on a firsthand basis from our clubs there:
  • Members of the St. John’s NW club used the proceeds from their “A Song for Zimbabwe” to support the Tshelanyemba Hospital, in Zimbabwe;
  • A unique idea of the St. John’s After Hours club is to have 12 Good Deeds for 2018. One of their good deeds was to support the MUN foodbank;
  • The Waterford Valley club was conducting an environmental project long before many in our world thought too much about the subject. They continue to do great work cleaning up the Waterford River;
  • Baking up a storm, members of our Rotaract Club of St. John’s used the proceeds from their bake sale to support “Choices for Youth” in the coldest night of the year walk;
  • A community partnership with Scout Troup 519 saw Rotarians from the St. John’s club working side-by-side with the Scouts to do a major cleanup of the Fred Meijer CIS Trail.
Kudos to each of these clubs for living our objective of being “People of Action.”