Posted by Louisa Horne on Jun 27, 2019
The perfect opportunity to be part of the District team! No meetings!  No conference calls!  And you can do it all from home in your jammies!
District Alumni Chair. 
We don’t have one and we’d love to have someone take on this important role that will give you a great entré into district leadership and connection with a great team.   
So who are alumni anyway?  Former exchange students, Interactors, Rotaractors, scholarship recipients, Adventures participants… they are all a valued part of the Rotary family. Your role as district alumni chair is to develop and maintain relationships with alumni in our district and to connect our clubs with alumni. Encourage Rotarians to build relationships with alumni and work with them on projects and fundraisers. When they do, it can lead alumni to become Rotary members. If nothing else, it connects them with capable leaders in the community – and it connects you to some great people.
What is needed?  It’s an opportunity for a people person... for someone with some computer skills who likes connecting with people... and who perhaps likes solving puzzles and tracking people down… and who is good at keeping lists!   Perhaps you were once involved in exchange or other youth oriented initiatives and maybe are an alumnus yourself… how perfect would that be?  You can do it all from your desk and phone.  Oh, and there’s a manual to help you get started… so it’s easy!  If you are looking for the perfect role that you can do independently from home, please let me know at
PS We’re still looking for people to be on the Public Image team. If interested, or for more details, contact PI Chair Kristina Ennis,