Posted by Louisa Horne on Jun 27, 2019
Or… there is such a thing as a free lunch!
It’s a contest!  Your club could win.  Read on…
Every District in our zone has been challenged to increase polio giving by 5% and the only way that can happen is for clubs to increase their contributions to polio. Everything in Rotary is about what clubs do!   So… we thought it might be helpful to have a little incentive, so we have a contest for you!
There are 2 ways to win a dinner for your club!
  1. All clubs that made a contribution of $100 or more last year, and that increases their contribution by at least 5% this year will have their club name put in a hat for a draw.  One club name will be drawn and that club will win a dinner for the club, prepared and served by members of the District Leadership team. 

    All Clubs that gave less than $100 last year, and who contribute at least $1000 this year will be included in this draw too.  There are 15 clubs  in this category so let’s get going! 
  2. Of the clubs that contributed more than $100 last year, the one that has the greatest percentage increase this year will also receive a dinner for their club.
So there are TWO dinners on the line to be won.  Who wants one of them?
How are you going to do it?  Well, many clubs gave $1500 or more last year so this 5% increase might be only ~$75 – that shouldn’t be too hard!  You could have a progressive dinner or a wine survivor game… or come up with some other fun way to help eradicate this disease.  You might even have a Purple Pinky event at a mall to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination and of Rotary’s efforts, with the WHO and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to get to the goal of ZERO new polio cases.
If you are not sure what your club givings were last year, let us know and we can tell you.
Deadline to win a prize is May 1, 2020.  (Yes, you have until the end of the Rotary year to make contributions but if you want a free dinner, you have to be a little faster!).