Posted by Don Sword on Apr 20, 2018
All Rotary clubs have the power and resources of Rotary International and its award winning charity, The Rotary Foundation behind them.  But how do you know if your club is one of the best?
The answer may well be subjective, but there are a few objective ways that Rotary International and our District 7820 have for clubs to see how they measure up.
Each year the RI President sets out a goal based Rotary Citation for clubs to strive for. Last year (2016-17) three clubs in our district achieved the Citation. (New Minas Sunrise, Sackville & Area, and Sydney Sunrise).
This year, as part of his annual theme of "Rotary: Making A Difference", RI President Ian Riseley has offered a club "Rotary Citation" as well. Clubs that achieve this year's Citation are high performing and balanced clubs that have achieved a variety of service and club management goals under categories that are based upon the overall strategic priorities of Rotary International:
  1. Paying RI dues on time.
  2. Recording volunteer hours and service project contributions.
  3. Support and strengthen clubs.
  4. Focus and increase humanitarian service.
  5.  Enhance Rotary's public image and awareness.
So far seven (7) clubs in D7820 have already qualified for this year's Citation! And there are three (3) clubs that are only one category away from qualifying! Plus other clubs in the district are working to achieve the recognition by the end of the year.
Clubs have until June 30th 2018 to complete and record their 2017-18 Rotary Citation goals and the actual certificate won't be available until the Fall of 2018, but I will be announcing the clubs that have achieved the Citation by the time the District Conference begins. Will your club be recognized? Please come to the District Conference to find out!
This year, as your District Governor, I challenged clubs to help fulfill my P.I.P.E. Dreams. (Public Image, Peace and Environment). For a high performing club, achieving those "dreams" is not hard at all (and if you complete the "Dreams" you also can check the box on a couple of the Rotary Citation Goals):
Public Image - use the proper Rotary branding and annual theme logos in club communications. 
Peace - hold one club meeting, project or activity related to Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Environment - hold one club meeting, project or activity focused on the Environment. (completing RI President Ian Riseley's "Plant a Tree" challenge qualifies for this "Dream").
Most clubs in D7820 have fulfilled the P.I.P.E. dreams or at least one or two of them. 
The District Conference speakers and programming will support these themes - including the Saturday "White Out" when all attendees are asked to wear something white to support Rotary's commitment to Peace.