Posted by Jim Goit on Jul 12, 2018
All but two Clubs in District 7820 use Facebook as an element of their Public Image efforts.
Social Media channels, particularly Facebook and Twitter are being used by Rotary Clubs to share their activities with other Rotarians as well as with the publix.

Over the past the 4 years the growth in the total number of "Likes" to all Facebook pages operated by our Rotary Clubs has grown by over 210%.  The growth by year is shown below.
 Year (July 1)2015201620172018
Total Facebook Likes7,73712,26716,93924,015
% Growth (year over year) 58.5%38.1%41.8%
This increase in audience for news about Rotary Clubs means that Clubs have the increased ability to directly send their messages onto the screens of people who have already indicated that they are interested in what Rotary is and what we do. By having clicked on the Like button, they are indicating that they are more likely to engage with Rotary and this has resulted in greater support for our programs and events. In some cases, Social Media has become a portal for new members to find out about clubs and where they might fit in. This is particularly important to younger potential Rotarians.
Check out some of the Facebook pages of clubs in our District and see if there are ideas that your club might adopt.  The District's Facebook site often shows examples of club activities and is a good place to start.