Posted by Louisa Horne on May 30, 2019
Opportunities are available to learn and network with some great Rotary colleagues, and develop new skills that are useful in your professional life.  The District Leadership Team is always looking for talented people to offer their skills to the many district committee and teams.  If you, or someone you know, may be interested in a District leadership role, please let us know so we can discuss committee opportunities and learn about the talents and time you have to offer.  Contact for more info. Following are some specific committee needs right now, please read on:
Creative Blogger wanted!  We are gone to the dogs!  Beacon, the 2019-20 District Spaniel mascot, and his puppies have an opportunity for a creative writer to help them with their new blog, starting July 1.  Some core content will be provided.  Short, informative posts on a bi-weekly basis desired.  Ability to write from a K9 perspective useful.  Good sense of humour a definite asset. Contact for more info.
The Public Image committee is seeking several passionate, creative, and open-minded Rotarians to join us for the 2019-2020 Rotary year! Let’s create a PI committee with shared leadership – spreading the work out amongst committee members, zero in on what our committee members love to help with and maximize our impact! Please connect with Kristina if you are interested in the roles below at
  1. Social Media Master Mind – 1 available
    1. Previous experience with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Experience using Facebook “Pages” app / online tools an asset. Ability to create content and post to the various social media pages. Engage with and share posts from Rotary Clubs throughout the district. Respond to inbox messages on the district social media pages.
  2. Newsletter Ninja – 2 available
    1. Someone who loves to know what is happening in the district would be the perfect committee member to take on the newsletter! Creativity to “shake it up” and make reading the newsletter something every Rotarian looks forward to. Collect news stories from clubs, edit the content they submit as needed for grammatical correctness, and update in Club Runner.
  3. Puppies for PI Liaison – 2 available
    1. District 7820 is gone to the dogs! Seeking a committee member who is keen to connect with clubs around the district. This person will be responsible for collect puppy pics via PI email account and on social media using the #PIpuppy7820, placing the photos in a central location on Club Runner, and track club submissions for PI funding ideas.
  4. Public Image Aficionados – unlimited opportunity!
Are you keen to help with Public Image but unsure where your skills fit into the committee? Let’s chat! Connect with me at
Membership Think-Tank: four times this Rotary year – two Saturdays @ morning coffee time (jammies permitted) and two mid-weeks lunches (your brown bag), we will gather remotely to hear your opinions and ideas. One-hour max! You might not commit to all but we want your voice @ at least some so that we can hear from the boots-on-the-ground about: membership ideas that worked, issues regarding membership in your club, what we need to start/stop/continue in terms of membership, and so on.
This is to be a free-flowing conversation whereby each of us can put thoughts on the table, and your membership committee can (a) facilitate and (b) share your input with the whole District. No problem is too small and no solution irrelevant for this discussion. Themes might be: attracting new members, keeping members, understanding why members leave us, surveying members to get a sense of their satisfaction, re-inventing our clubs to attract and keep members, and any other membership issue.
If you sign up you will receive notifications of meetings times with no commitments except that your district membership committee hopes that you can attend a meeting or four meetings! Contact for details.