Posted by Elva Heyge on Mar 29, 2019
**To learn more, there will be a Foundation seminar on Sunday, May 12, after the conference
8:30am to 11:30am at the Holiday Inn Express. There is no charge to attend.
For more information, please contact Stella Roy or Elva Heyge
Are you fed up with trying to plan an international project?  Too many ideas?  Not enough ideas?  Too complicated?  Where do we start?  Relax!  Help is at hand. Your District International Service Chair (DISC) is just a phone call or e-mail message away.
Here are all the ways that your DISC can help you:
  1. To decide whether or your project idea fits the criteria for a global grant, district grant or just direct funding;
  2. Provide advice on the pre-planning for your grant application;
  3. Direct you to resources to help you with project design;
  4. Help you find an international partner for your project;
  5. Help you identify an international project for your club;
  6. Suggest some funding possibilities.
Contact me at or 902-692-1308 (mobile).