The Dartmouth Rotary Club is part of a $155,000 global grant in Guatemala.

They worked with Districts 6440(US) and 4250(Guatemala) to develop a program for 9 schools in the Sumpango area of Guatemala. This program is featured on the RI website under Rotary Showcase--see description of the program in the article below.


Three Dartmouth Rotarians--Dana Atwell, Don Chisholm, and Bill Lemmon travelled to Guatemala for 10 days in December. They were able to be part of the final planning for the project when they met with political officials,educational officials, and Rotarians from the Guatemala Sur Rotary club under the leadership of Jorge Aufranc. These Rotarians visited the schools and saw first hand the need for clean water, wash stations, new washrooms, new school furniture, and kitchens with hooded exhaust systems. They were also able to provide the schools with a hygiene program that will be part of the school curriculum.